Thursday, March 3, 2011

Studio City Lake Revisited

Back in July I went in search of the mythical Studio City Lake. I ended up at the Tree People preserve and dusty Coldwater Canyon Park and no lake did I find. This did not please me and I gave my friend Lance some lip for leading me astray. He recently informed me that I had simply taken the wrong road. Instead of turning left at the intersection of Mulholland and Coldwater when coming from Hollywood, I should have turned right. It was that simple.

So I decided to right this wrong and I am quite glad I did. Down a lovely, winding road you drive into a beautiful little park which surrounds a calm and shimmering lake. Unlike most lakes in LA, paths actually go right to the water line and there are many marshy areas where ducks and other wildlife paddle right by your feet. You can hop from rock to rock over little streams and picnic tables and benches are placed in scenically romantic spots.

It is the greenest place I have seen in LA (besides the artificial lawns of Beverly Hills). Tall golden stalks sway in the breeze like a Midwest wheat field and purple flowers cover sloping hills. A lone jogger here, a dog walker there, a little cottage where the park ranger lives, another boarded up house with a sunken yard and an old swing's a silent, quaint place.

Except for the F-ING film production. Since this is LA, something was being shot at the lake the day I was there so the roads were clogged with honey wagons and noisy generators and tattooed teamsters. Sometimes it's like there is no escape, you know?

But overall, a must go for anyone who wants a respite from the every-LA-day. There you go Lance! I stand corrected.

Directions: Take Mulholland to the intersection of Mulholland and Coldwater and take a right onto Franklin Canyon Road. Drive till ya get there. You'll know.

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