Friday, December 31, 2010

The Last Hurrah

When I set about to do this blog it was about me. What would make me happy here. What would make me like LA more. What would give me an adrenaline rush. But over the year I began to realize this experiment was much more about you. It was about the reader, about sharing places with people so that they could become part of the city, so that we all can interact with our surroundings on a much deeper level.

So has it made me love LA? Well, it has certainly made me appreciate it more. There are so many parts to the city, so many totally different communities that seem to have only one thing in common- they are filled with once or future dreamers. We hipsters in the East dream of fame and artistic fulfillment. The immigrant communities downtown dream of a better life, a better future for themselves and their children. In the Westside we have those contented that their dreams have been satisfied, or jaded because they just weren't satisfied enough. Further down the coast there are those who dream of a perfect wave, and get to ride it everyday.

I will keep updating this blog occasionally when I happen upon somewhere awesome and hope you can all use it as a reference point. It has made me so happy to see how many people outside LA, outside America, have become readers and I encourage everyone out there to keep exploring, because once you become stuck in an everyday, neighborhood rut, the child is truly gone.


Los Angeles Zoo

Olvera Street


Descanso Gardens

Museum of Tolerance

Babe’s and Ricky’s Inn

The Alexandra Hotel


Craft and Folk Art Museum

Murphy Ranch(Nazi Compound)

Derby Dolls


The Queen Mary

Bronson Caves

Angels Flight

Kayaking in Marina Del Rey


Mosaic Church

Renaissance Faire


LA River Path

Watts Towers

Riding the Rails


Self Realization Fellowship Shrine

Coldwater Canyon Park

The Magic Castle

Reagan Library


Jumbo’s Clown Room

Griffith Park Pool


Car Show at Bob’s Big Boy

Autry National Center



The Brewery Art Walk

LA Kings at Staples Center


Norton Simon Museum

Westwood Village Memorial Park



Madame Tussaud’s

Flower District

Mulholland Drive

Love, love

Hadley Meares Dec. 31st, 2010

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