Thursday, January 7, 2010

Grand Adventure.

I have found a common thread running through the city of Los Angeles.
I'm not just talking about the my boobs are lopsided, my agent didn't call me back, I miss my real(insert Midwest state here) home loathing. I am talking about a kind of city wide apathy, a general ignorance about the culture and history of Los Angeles that causes us to throw our hands up in disgust and say:
"I'm just here for my career."
"As soon as I sell this script, I'm getting a beach house in North Carolina, on an island with NO cars and NO nightclubs."
"Everyone cool lives in Brooklyn."

I have said all these things numerous times. But over New Years it dawned on me. I don't like LA( besides my lovely Eastside neighborhood) because, after five years, I don't know it at all. I love exploring, I am a history nerd, I grew up fat with stories of old Hollywood, yet I can tell you very little about this fair city, except that if it weren't for my friends and, I would not be here.

So I am challenging myself this year to open my jaded heart to the City of Angels. In 52 weeks I will go to 35 new places, and by places I do not mean clubs, bars or restaurants, unless they have particular cultural significance. I will invite friends to come along and then I will blog about it, and tell y'all what is cool, what is not and how to get there.

Hopefully, it will help Los Angeles start to feel like home. If not, I heard that Hoboken is reeeaaallly where it's at.

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